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Vincent Noireaux, professor
Vincent Noireaux got his B.Sc. in applied physics at the University of Tours (France) in 1994. In 1995 he moved to Paris for graduate school at the University Paris 11 (Orsay), in physics. He did his PhD at the Curie Institute (Paris, 1996-2000) in the laboratory of Jacques Prost on the motion of the bacterium Listeria. He studied the actin cytoskeleton mechanism involved in cell motility. He learned the biology related to this project in the laboratory of Daniel Louvard. In 2000 he joined the laboratory of Albert Libchaber at the Rockefeller University in New York City where he spent five years as a postdoc. He used cell-free expression systems to construct elementary gene networks and artificial cell systems. In 2005, he moved to the University of Minnesota where he is pursuing his work in synthetic biology using cell-free expression to construct and to characterize complex biochemical systems in vitro.

Ryan Marshall, graduate student
In May 2012, Ryan graduated from Macalester College with a B.A. in Physics and Math. He is currently a graduate student, and he joined Noireaux Lab in the summer of 2013. Ryan was teaching assistant for the Synthetic Biology course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2016, and will be again in 2017.

Jonathan Garamella, graduate student
Jon currently works in the Noireaux group as he pursues his PhD in physics after receiving a B.A. in physics from the University of San Diego in May 2012. While in San Diego, he studied fluid flow in protoplanetary clouds before exploring experimental research involving fundamental thermodynamics.

David Garenne, postdoc
David arrived in Noireaux lab in February 2017. He is working on the minimal cell system and TXTL circuit engineering.

Kohinoor Khan, lab technician
Kohinoor arrived in Noireaux lab in June 2017.

Levi Walls, research technician
Levi arrived in Noireaux lab in August 2017.

Past members:

Farida Rakhimbekova, lab technician
Farida arrived in Noireaux lab in January 2017.

Mark Rustad, graduate student
Mark finished a masters degree in Noireaux lab in 2017, he demonstrated that larger coliphages can be cell-free synthesized, pushing the capabilities of TXTL to an unprecendented level.

Filippo Caschera, postdoc
Filippo joined Noireaux laboratory in September 2012 after completing a PhD programme in the chemistry department of the University of Southern Denmark. He studied molecular biology and got a Laurea from Roma Tre University. He also worked as research student at the Osaka University and as research scientist for a start-up company named ProtoLife. [Filippo on google scholar] [Filippo's blog about his work in pictures and videos]

Jonghyeon Shin
Jonghyeon Shin spent 4 years in my lab as a graduate student. He got his PhD in June 2012. With Jonghyeon, we developed the first all E. coli TX-TL system for cell-free synthetic biology. Jonghyeon published 7 articles during his PhD. He is doing a postdoc at MIT.

Jerome Chalmeau
Jerome Chalmeau spent 3 years in my lab as a postdoc on a collaborative project with the group of Christophe Vieu at the LAAS (Toulouse, France). Jerome developed a method to use TXTL directly on the chip of a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation. Jerome is now a researcher at the Cell Molecular Institute.

Ruoqi Tang
Ruoqi Tang got a master degree. Her master article was a review of microfluidics technique used for biological applications. Ruoqi is now working in China.

Zekun Deng
Zekun Deng worked on continuous cell-free TXTL in liposomes and microdialysis systems. He got a master degree, he now works at Cargill Minnesota.

Sean Corum
Sean Corum worked on the phage phiX174 for a year. He earned a master degree for doing various plasmids constructions to characterize the expression and the synthesis of the bacteriophage in vitro. He is now a teacher.

Michael Sasseville
Michael spent two semesters in my lab. He tested various fluorescent reporter proteins in our custom made cell-free TXTL system. He earned a master degree.

Senior Thesis
Jonathan Morris, now graduate student at Berkeley.

REU (Research opportunity for undergraduate) students
Nicholas apRoberts-Warren, John Chung, Allison Heussler, Christopher Pierce, Natalie Weisse, Benjamin Absher, Jonathan Morris, Charles Godfrey, Erik Navarro.

RET (Research opportunity for teachers) students
David W. Brown, Cherie Bornhorst.

UROP (Undergraduate research opportunity program at UMN) students
Franklin Fuller, Joshua Ellis, Jonathan Gapp.

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